shall we begin?

The Man who wants to write.

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Now, let’s get at it while the iron is hot. I’m Jared and I’m from the beautiful country of the Philippines. You could call me Redd (which I prefer). I was born on October 26,1990 in my hometown; Sagay city. I was born and raised here in the Phils. I graduated with a degree in English. Which don’t mean much nowadays.

I’m an avid fantasy and sci-fi reader. Yes, I love to watch anime’s, read books and graphic novels and now I plan on writing them. The only thing the sets me apart from most writers is that I’m not an English speaker (a native speaker) and it will be a challenge. A challenge I’m willing to face and tackle (yup, just misplace bravado over here hehehe).

Here’s one cover of my first work:


I started this blog with the sole purpose of writing fiction and to chronicle my progress in writing. I’ll be writing the behind the scenes process of my fiction here and my reaction to critiques and other issues or topics worth noting. I’ll also gonna post the things I read (which means I’ll be posting book reviews here!)

I plan on posting short stories and probably if the Gods’ permit some articles about writing (My writing experience). So shall we begin my journey to become a fantasist?


And here’s a picture of yours’ truly!